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Many people may be considering pregnancy following weight loss surgery. Before making major family planning decisions, it is important to know the associated health risks with this, as well as whether it is the appropriate step for you to take and when you can take it. There are several guidelines available to help you determine when and if you should consider pregnancy following weight loss surgery.

The first eighteen months following your surgery are not an ideal time for you to become pregnant. Your body is enduring major physical transformations. You will be trying to find your optimal nutritional balance and your food intake is constantly changing. Your hormones will be imbalanced because of rapid changes occurring in your body. This is why it is not optimal to become pregnant within the first eighteen months post weight loss surgery.

Doctors have recently determined that fertility and is closely associated with body weight. As you begin to lose weight, you will have greater success becoming pregnant. Weight loss will also lead to increased and balanced hormone levels. However, your body is also recovering from two different sources of stress: stress from being overweight and the stress from undergoing surgery. Because of this, it may be wise to safeguard against the potentially higher fertility rates in your body. Being aware of this and taking appropriate measures can help avoid becoming pregnant during this adjustment period.

After eighteen months have passed, your new body should be more stable and able to handle other changes. At this point, you may consider becoming pregnant. If you do become pregnant prior to this point, your child may have problems in getting proper nutrients from your body and severe complications can arise before or during the birth. After this waiting period, your body will be better able to manage the foods that you are providing on a consistent basis. Another consideration with weight loss surgery pertains to the use of the gastric band. This band will never be removed from your body. If you are considering pregnancy and have undergone gastric band surgery, the band will need to be loosened during the pregnancy. This will allow for the movement of proper nutrients throughout your body and will allow for you to be able to gain necessary pregnancy weight. You may also want to consider weight gain during the pregnancy. After having a child, it is extremely challenging to loose the required weight. Making a weight-loss plan following the birth of your child, as well as maintaining a regular diet and exercise schedule will help you to regulate your weight during and after the pregnancy.

If you have had a weight loss surgery and are considering pregnancy, there are several factors that are necessary to evaluate. This will help you determine your exact needs, as well as what is and is not safe following your surgery. This will help you be able to raise your family without health complications.
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