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"Not tonight, Dear.  I have a backache."  Sound familiar?  In the United States, back pain is second only to headaches when it comes to the most common painful conditions that people suffer.

Back pain can range from mild, to moderate, to so severe that the most basic activities such as walking, standing or even lying down can be downright excruciating.  Fortunately there are ways to ease back pain quickly and effectively.  In fact, there are several natural remedies and treatment options available to help cope with pain management issues, without the use of potentially harmful painkillers.

If you suffer from any degree of back pain, consider the following self-care treatments that have been specially designed to help speed up your recovery, and reduce any future recurrences:

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can ease back pain with manual stimulation of the muscles.  When a massage therapist applies the proper techniques, the movements can break down scar tissue and release your muscles from the painful spasms that often characterize back pain.

This method is becoming increasingly common as a popular back pain remedy, and has achieved a degree of respect that allows it to be recognized as a form of medical treatment. A study released by the American Massage Therapy Association found that 54% of healthcare providers encourage massage therapy as a viable means to ease back pain.  Specifically, massage therapy improves circulation, helps to alleviate muscle soreness, relaxes muscles, helps muscles move without pain, and increases the body's natural painkillers called 'endorphins'.

Water Therapy

For years, people have found relief by soaking in a nice warm bath.  Now, doctors and therapists are taking this form of relief one step further.  There are actually several types of water therapy that are commonly used as a way to ease back pain.  Water exercise and hydrotherapy are the two most common categories of this valuable pain relief method.

Water exercise is a suggest form of activity for those who cannot or should not participate in regular physical exercise.  As a general rule, active and well-conditioned persons are less likely to suffer injuries or stress-related pain. That's why regular physical exercise is recommended for most individuals. For those with back pain, however, physical movements can be just too painful.  These people still require exercise to keep their muscles strong and to avoid the development of atrophy as a result of muscular disuse.  Water exercise therapy is an especially helpful back pain remedy for these individuals. The buoyancy of the water is a huge benefit to anyone suffering from back pain, as the water allows physical movement with far less pain and pressure.  If you are interested in trying water therapy to ease back pain, you should consult a licensed physical therapist for professional assistance before attempting to perform any of the complicated exercise maneuvers involved.

Hydrotherapy, on the other hand, can help to ease back pain by loosening the muscles and ridding the body of toxins that cause pain and inflammation. Several studies have shown that soaking in a hot tub or warm bath will lessen stiffness, increase flexibility, and reduce the amount of pain medication used.  In addition to hot baths, other forms of hydrotherapy include sauna or steam baths, douches and herbal wraps.

As the world of medicine expands and progresses, many people are turning back to age-old remedies in hopes of finding ways to ease back pain.  Water and touch are two methods that have stood the test of time, and often bring the relief that modern medicine simply can't.  Ask your doctor for more information about water therapy and massage therapy, and other natural methods to ease back pain.
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